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      Marion burge

                                                                    Artist. Performer. Maker


 About Marion.

Marion is an artist and performance maker, based in London. She makes work that seeks to inspire a shift in the way we understand the communities and emotional spaces we move through.

 In 2016 she was selected as a Starting Blocks Artist at Camden People's Theatre . She has made work as a solo performer and in collaboration with other artists. Marion considers her work to be experimental in nature and utilises her practice to articulate the nuances of identity and community.

 In addition to her creative practice, she is co-founder of the experimental variety night, Piñata in South London.














Marion with her genuine and inviting presence captivates the audience. Its not just her story, but an exploration of an experience that invites us all in.

-Yaron SHyldkrot, Fye and Foul

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Projects and Progress.

WE OWE YOU A LEGACY- Camden People’s Theatre-March 26th-28th 2019

The latest piece in a series of Heritage and Diasporic investigation. We Owe You a Legacy is a meditation and interrogation of the presence of the mother as a key figure in the discourse surrounding decolonisation. A loving tribute and painful excavation of the root of expectation that comes from the mother and how it affects the way generations of women attempt to navigate their lives in in a world foreign to their mothers. The piece follows the colonial root of capital success and morality through to present day and how recreating maternal inheritances can radically brush off the residue of colonialism, allowing space for unbridled joy and consolidated identity in sisterhood and ritual

Vulnerable, tender, resolute and no

one wanted to leave the space after.

-Selina Thompson

WE OWE YOU A LEGACY- with Dejonie Langallier and Amanda Oyebusola Ajomale NEXT: Yard Theatre 2018

NOCTURNE- performer- LIFT FESTIVAL June, 2018

PUNCHDRUNK's FALLOW CROSS FAMILY DAY- performer, facilitator- July 2018

PINATA AT BRAINCHILD- deviser, performer-July 2018

PINATA AT VAULT FESTIVAL- deviser, performer- January 2018

NEBULA at NOW17- Yard Theatre 2017



SUPER|object 002: Hidden Histories, June 19, 2016 @ The Louis Bluver Theatre, Philadelphia, PA Video produced by Tyler Burdenski